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CNC Aluminum Flybar Weights V2 (BLUE) - Blade CX/CX2/CX3

CNC Aluminum Flybar Weights V2 (BLUE) - Blade CX/CX2/CX3

MH-CX072V2B pour E-Flite Blade CX, CX2, CX3

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Fr 19.20 TTC


Description:  -The CNC aluminum flybar weight is designed to replace stock plastic flybar weights. The new designed flybar weights are made of CNC aluminum to provide very accuracy in weight thus improving vastly on weight distribution on the flybar.  This feature is very important to avoid unstability of the heli due to weight difference on each side of the flybar.  The flybar weights are also secured tightly on the flybar by two CNC delrin inserts and are locked into secured and correct position on the flybar rod by four (4) set screws.  This is to make sure the flybar weights are not pulled out in flights and also can avoid unbalance flybar weight position on the flybar rod.  The plastic flybar weights are slimsy and easy to move in or out of the flybar rod under rotational forces during flights.  With this new design, it is not only providing great and professional look on your Blade CX helicopters, it also prevents play and uneven weight distribution on the flybar rod of the stock flybar weight thus improving greatly the stability of the E-FLITE Blade CX,CX2 and CX3 helicopters.
-Blue annodizing version. Includes:  -CNC Aluminum flybar weight set-2 x delrin inserts-4 x set screws-1 x allen key Requires:  -Assembly Weight:  6.1g with sets screws Usage:  -EFLITE Blade CX/CX2/CX3 helicopters Instruction:  -Included in the package. Features: Precision CNC machined aluminum and delrin. Designed light weight, strong and stylish. Very accurate to balance the flybar weights thus improving stability of flights.



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